Game Concept Art – Office Space Image Development

These images were actually sent by the client. The office scene was one that he was fairly sure he knew the sort of look he wanted for it; a room full of work cubicles and then to have a character patrolling through it.

I looked through a couple of additional office layouts for more inspiration. Something I liked was having a city skyline in the background through a window. I thought it could add more depth and variety to an office scene, which is a rather samey environment on its own.


The first thing I did was block in the walls to the cubicles and where I wanted the floor and ceiling to be. After I got this far I thought what I had got looked a bit like a minimalist abstract art piece. Arriving at this point gave a lot of points of reference for the other lines and shapes in the piece. The more shapes I had the more obvious it was if something looked off compared to everything else in the scene.



I added basic furniture and matching office cubicle walls then added a simple skyline out the window. I continued in this piece to use bright colours to better tell things apart whilst I was working. Whilst this may be an odd thing to do having the high contrast at this stage just helps me distinguish between layers better.
I was originally going to leave the ceiling one solid colour but it was looking a little bland and very few ceilings are actually fully blank. The tile system was fiddly to do but I think the final product was worth it.

This was the positioning of the SWAT character before shadow and texture was added on the rest of the image. I wanted him positioned so I could try do something cool with the actual characters shadow against one of the cubicle boards. I think having him where he is also gives you a sense of space and depth within the piece.


The shadow work on the final piece was more extensive than the vault scene. it is made up of several overlapping gradients to represent the fact that a lot more objects are blocking out the light coming from the window. The shadow of the character is a stretched out silhouette of the normal one that was modified to fit onto the board next to him.
Another change I made to the background was a sunset sky in the city again using gradients. I used the same colour palette in the sunset sky as overlays on the ceiling and floor just to bring the colours together more.