Personal Obsessions: Fonts

I decided to look into doing the text page for each image now just so I don’t finish the images and make the font choice and layout a half-hearted thing.
For the font I wanted it to look playful and hand drawn. Unfortunately, for now, I’m not great at designing my own font so for this brief I am going to use a found one. The fonts I found are all free use, one I believe is free only for personal use.

Test Font List

From the list I like the style of Mathlete and Quirky Nots Font for their clean, hand drawn aesthetic. Out of the two I think I would choose Mathlete for being simpler. The flourishes on letters in Quirky Nots become a bit overbearing with this many letters.
Inky is still under consideration just because of how bold it is. it stands out on the page a little more than the other two so I may do some more work with that one. Rhyder looks too much like a typed font for the exaggerated over the top subject matter I will be using and Walk Around the Block, whilst I do quite like, is awkward to work with as it doesn’t take to scaling very well.

Around the edges of the circle/font I plan on having small images relating to the fonts page just to add extra interest.




Personal Obsessions: Angry Face Test Colours


First colour test and character style for my personal obsessions booklet. The final character is going to be an angry man slamming the wrong change back down onto a counter. It will be more detailed and have more shading and texture on the final product, these are just colour tests at an early stage

template screenshot.png

I’m working from a rough drawing template. This just makes it way easier to get the shapes I want and speeds work up. It also really makes you realise how uneven your quick drawn work can be.
The head in the piece is to be oversized compared to everything else and this sort of exaggeration of proportions is something I want to continue with the other pages.

Personal obsessions: list of characters to illustrate 

I’ve put together a list of characters/situations for the personal obsessions book. The list is the first one I did so may be subject in the former of modifications and additions. I have also began to sketch rough ideas in my sketchbook of scenes.

Examples of faces I may develop into style for characters

List of ideas that need developing 

  1. Demanding exact change for everything 
  2. Rufusing to do anything social that costs money 
  3. Being so deep in debt you are pretending it doesn’t exist
  4. Being able to afford accommodation or food but not both
  5. living from paycheck to paycheck never buying or doing anything exciting because you have a very dull job
  6. obsessing over not becoming poor so weighing up every tiny purchase 
  7. Being inexplicably rich and spending money for the sake of it

Personal Obsessions: Brief Proposal

Chosen Obsession: Money- specifically how people worry over how much they are spending and how little they are saving.

Intentions- Show how obsessing over money can change how people act and interact in certain life situations and the lengths that people may go to in order to ensure financial security.

How to show the obsession: A series of character designs each one showing where a person has been driven by their obsessions relating to money. The character designs will heavily emphasis how the person has changed and what they will and won’t do because of how often they think of money or how much money they do or don’t have.
Example characters may be:

  • Demanding exact change for everything person
  • Refuses to ever do anything that requires money person
  • So much in the debt that they ignore the debt and keep spending money person
  • Got a lot of money so spend it for the sake of it person
  • Can afford accomodation or food but not both person
  • and so on

Format of the work: Character designs to each get their own double page (so final piece may be a short book or leaflet). One page features a labelled image of the character whilst the other side is a descriptive title of the character. Each character design would be heavily stylised to overly emphasise the point they have been driven to by their obsessive relationship with money.


Personal Obsessions: Other Obsessions

I expanded my search of obsessions to ones outside my own and landed on what I wanted I think I will do my piece on. Before then here is a list of the other ideas I considered.

  • Cats
  • Guns
  • Going to the gym/fitness
  • Collection of knowledge/knowing things/stuff
  • Organisation/being tidy
  • Worrying about the future

I thought about some of those more than others, particularly the worrying about the future one I thought was a cool, open ended idea that a lot could be done with. In the end however I went with an obsession that I think everyone is a little guilty of but some people worry about more than others. The idea of obsessing over not having enough money or that you’re not saving enough money. Being a student this is an obsession that is fairly common around me and whilst I wouldn’t say I obsess over it daily when it comes to the end of a student loan payment period times occasionally look pretty bleak.


Image taken from, specifically an article that discusses a survey taken from students on their financial situation, whether they thought university was worth the financial stress it put them through and the overall financial state they were in.

My next post on the Personal Obsessions brief will likely be looking over my proposal of what the actual content of my piece will be.

Personal Obsessions: Assigned Brief

The theme of the third brief I have been assigned is personal obsessions and the aim is to illustrate a response to the personal obsession of myself or something else.

If I was to choose me as the subject, I currently feel my ‘personal obsessions’ are limited due to some of them overlapping into other briefs I am doing. This isn’t technically a problem but I would rather not overlap brief topics at this point if I can avoid it.

Above are the obsessions I feel I’m currently into enough that I could make a body of work on it. The top three are possibly crossing over into other briefs whilst the others are a little samey.

Dota 2 is a multiplayer video game that I play quite a lot. It features a well known map and over 100 characters and different styles of cosmetic items in game. It also has a very large, global competitive scene with many well known casting personalities. I would say this is enough to work with should I choose my own obsession.

Going with somebody else’s personal obsession obviously opens up the brief quite a lot. I could choose someone I know or a famous personality with an interesting or humorous obsession. I think how I am going to approach this is look at others obsessions whilst keeping the knowledge that I have dota to fall back on as something I like and know well if I don’t find anything.