Illustrated Map. Subject Changes and development.

The brief for the illustrated map stated that I should make an illustrated map for an area where I live or near where I live. It also stated I should consider if the map is readable and what its function is. 

My original piece was a more direct map of an area near where I live but I thought the idea was dull and un-creative. Because of this I changed my map to be based on a setting within a narrative I am working on from a different brief linking my work together. The map is still loosely based on an area near where I live with its road layout, place names and types of buildings depicted on it. The function of the map for someone looking at it would be to see a setting within a narrative, whilst the characters using it within a narrative would have a basic understanding of their surroundings. 

I thought this was a good balance with being creative, linking my work and sticking to the brief. 

‘Afterworld’ Illustrated Map

Afterworld map no text

Afterworld map liniar burn with text scroll on bottom

Afterworld map liniar burn with text scroll on top

The bottom image is what I am calling my finished illustrated map. The first is the two images I scanned in andd the second the text is above the parchment filter. I have been told it looks like it stands out two much from the background and distracts from it. To solve this I put it below the parchment filter layer whilst keeping the stoke effect. This means that the text still stands out because of the outline but isn’t blinding.

‘There was an old man’ Limerick brief

So as the titles states my current brief involves limericks specifically illustrating them. I have decided to use one found limerick and one I have concocted on my own to add some variety. Limerick writing isn’t something I have really done before, at least not since primary school.

After browsing through limericks and thinking up my own I have chosen three that stood out to me and made up my own three to choose from:

Found limericks

A canny young fisher named fisher
Once fished from the edge of a fissure
A fish with a grin

Pulled the fisherman in
Now they’re fishing the fissure for Fisher

There once was a man from Peru
Who had a lot of growing up to do
He’d ring a doorbell
then run like hell
Until they shot him with a .22

As 007 walked by
He heard a wee spider say “Hi”
But shaken he shot
it right there on the spot
As it tried to explain “I’m a spi…”

Own Limericks

There was a truck driver called Clyde
Who took his wife along for a ride
but startled by a bee
he drove into the sea
and they were both swept away by the tide

There once was an engineer called Doc
who diffused bombs against the clock
but alas. Too Slow!
and Boom did it go!
leaving naught left but a sock

The was a driver called Greer
who refused to enter third gear
causing traffic to grind
his friends left him behind
as all the other cars cried out and jeered

Like them? The next step is to figure out which I want to illustrate and to do that I plan on doing rough sketches of imagery taken from each of the limericks and see which proves most interesting too draw.

Sites where I got the limericks and that helped me write them

Finished Fantasy Monk

Edwardo 3

Finished monk reworked from rough sketches done in watercolour, ink and slightly adjusted digitally. I’m mostly happy with it though it took a while for me to be happy with the pose.

Ways I feel I could improve the piece are look into the colour in some sections like the closest leg is a little flat compared to the rest of the skin. I also want to put characters onto backgrounds so the design doesn’t look as plain. Maybe keep and early version of this and then rework it into a set.

Fantasy Monk Character Development Work

The main focus of this character design became experimenting in different dynamic poses. The original pose I went for was fairly static but I realised that this wasn’t what the character I was going for is about. From this I decided the focus would be to make the pose action packed and interesting.

Scan in 3

The first pose I came up with was the middle one. It was after this I moved on to experimenting with poses featuring more movement. I decided I liked the top right one most and built up rough line work on top of it to see if I could make it work.

Scan in 2

These are a couple of the other poses I looked into. I wanted the character to use a spear as a weapon so tried to look at poses that would allow me to add this.

Scan in 1 Scan in 4

These two pieces are face and colour studies. I removed the mask because I decided this was more associated with thieves and bandits whereas monks are considered more pure hearted. The larger colour picture I feel needs work in the positioning of the arms and I need to work more on the legs and decide how I want him to be jumping. Maybe more foreshortening needs to be looked into to make the piece less flat.

Finished Back Page for ‘Ten Minute City Stories’

Back without text

Final piece done in watercolour, and pen. Character designs taken from  quick sketches of observed people in the streets and modified. I am considering reducing the opacity of the text to make it blend in better with the image. The plan was always to add the text digitally but I wasn’t expecting it to stand out as much as it does. Something does need to go in it’s place if not the text though or the signs are blank.

Back without text 2

Piece before the text was added.