Editorials Genie Development

The earlier parts of the genie were hand drawn in my editorials sketchbook. I drew the outlines which gradually got better as I made more. The look of the genie was a stereotypical one based off various cartoon genies.

Various sources of inspiration above. I wanted a turban just because it was frequently occurring in a lot of the found imagery and the blue look also made it more recognizable as a genie. Because I was doing an editorial piece the design decisions I made were basically to make it close to existing genie appearance but have my own pose and design choices to make it individual.

I designed the head first going for a chubby hourglass shape. I wanted to make the eyes different from how I usually do eyes. The early attempts went a bit weird and just look like a really happy face. The middle shape was actually meant to be a nose with the eyes being closed to look wise.


After some modification I came up with a face I was more happy with. The eyes and mouth situation was just something I stopped short on before I was done. The nose shape didn’t work and more features in general were needed for it to look complete. I added lines under the eye and a more normal shaped nose with features to add more depth. The beard was a common genie theme, split up the face well and let me add an extra colour to the face.


With the body I had a couple of reworks with the details I would add to it. I didn’t want just a flat colour because it was a big space. To alleviate this I added markings that could represent clothes and some wrist bracelets to break up the arms. I kept most of it except for the gown like lines on the chest. To make the colour itself less flat I added a gradient in the final piece and some more thinner lines similar to those that dissect the arms.

genie upload r

For the final image I added bubbles of the genie presenting some mediocre wishes as fitting of the article it was from. The lamp was just you standard genie lamp shape. I like the thought bubble sort of effect the genie has with how he presents his wishes. The alternative would have been using text to convey them but I think the piece is done more effectively through use of just imagery.