Snickersneeze name research

I stumbled across the idea for the Snickersneeze bottle from an article when looking up connections between Hull and the Netherlands. The original inspiration for this was a local exhibition in the Ferens years ago but the information in that exhibition wasn’t as readily available online so I broadened my search for a subject.
I found the term Snickersneeze here and chose just because it was an interesting word which had a short backstory that was easy to put as a bit of light reading on a beer bottle. The phrase has Dutch origin with snickersnee being the ‘the Dutch way of fighting with pointed knives’ whilst the phrase snickersneeze was adopted by Hull parents who would threaten their children (I’ll Snickersneeze yeh) if they didn’t behave.

I also ran the author of that blogs claim from oxford dictionary saying that ‘snick or snee’ means to fight with knives which it does mention in the origin section at the bottom.

The design I based the knife on the front of the bottle was from WW1 Dutch fighting knives. Whilst not the knife likely to have been around at the terms origin this knife has a unique looking handle and is pointed. I settled for the fact that it was of Dutch origin as the basis for the design.

Examples of WW1 Dutch Fighting Knife


My design of it for the bottle


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