Snickersneeze Bottle Development

For the Snickersneeze bottle I tried a new shape label for variety. I tried numerous layouts with the knife and the text. I had similar issues to that which I had with Gale Force in that the word didn’t split up very well so it often looked off balance. Having the word in full meant positioning the knife was awkward to fit in. In the end I decided to go back to the rectangular label so that I had more room to work with.

Something new I decided to try at this point was to have an additional knife on the label as the phrase the beer was based on did imply fighting with the knives so it would make sense to have two. Fitting two full knives on the label would be difficult without them being very small and diminishing their impact on the piece so I looked at ways to position them partially cut off. The important part I felt was the hilt and the bit where that met the blade as the recogniseable part of the knife.


The layout I went for shows a lot of the blade and uses the hilt to line up the text with the knife. It adds a neatness to the piece and makes the text look less like it is floating.

Snickersneeze back final

For the back I added the full knife which replaced what used to be a black line dividing the two sections.


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