700 name research

The 700 beer bottle was named after a flag on the last active Hull whaling ship ‘The Diana’ The design on the bottle itself is a reference to how the ship was trapped in ice for a long time and the damage this caused signaled the end of the whaling industry in Hull. For research on the subject I visited the Hull maritime museum and confirmed and backed up what I read there with information from here.


Image of the Diana stuck in the ice.

The number 700 as the title of the beer was chosen because of a mysterious banner that I saw in the Maritime museum. The information alongside the banner states that the Diana flew it but nobody knew what the significance of the number was, it wasn’t realted to any official record.


The blue 700 banner can be made out in the painting above.

I chose the 700 reference because I thought the mystery of the banner and why it was there was more interesting than just repeating the story of the Diana which maritime historians would likely already be familiar with. Telling a story and adding a lesser known piece of information that people may not know.


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