700 Bottle Development



The 700 bottle is a fairly simple design. I wanted to reference the fact that the ship got stuck in ice and the colour of the banner that the 700 was printed on. This meant that the 700 had to be blue. In the top image I was trying to directly parallel all of the banner colours. The whitish colour of the 700 text on a blue banner background. It made the ice odd and a little cartoony. The second image I experimented with making the 700 blend in with the ice but this I decided was counter productive to what the title on a beer bottle was supposed to do.


In the end I went for a deep blue so that the title was readable on such a white ice background. I also added a blue gradient sky so that the shape of the ice was more visible. I used the old design on the back of the bottle where the text was smaller. Smaller text got a little lost in the broken up design but it looked less broken in the brighter, mostly white ice sheet.

700 BACK piece final redone


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