Bear YoYo Western Cards: Start of Final Designs




These are the cards I have for now on the Bear YoYo project. I’m happy with how the look of the characters turned out on the top two pieces. They were based on historical photographs of them which I did a rough drawing of to use as a template in illustrator.
The bottom, Doc Holliday card was more stylized than the others so his face looks a little misshapen. This one I think I need to work back into to bring it closer to the other two pieces, maybe by reshaping the heads or redesign it to a more normal style.

The historical facts on the cards I would like to do more extensive research into it as at the moment they are quite basic and I think I could find more interesting things to say. I do think it gives a general overview of the characters considering how much space is avaliable on the cards.

Other things I would like to do are to include more background details on the wooden space on the card like the bottle. Just other wild west visual signifiers so that more is going on like in previous bear yoyo cards as at the moment it is a lot of empty space. I think I would also bring the sheriff badges above the texture layer I added so that they stand out more as they are the logo for the pieces.


‘Interpreting Nature’ Mid Year Assessment Stage


So this is where I got to with my interpreting nature piece before our mid year assessment point. This piece has always been a lot easier in my head, it started out as a simple idea that I told myself would take a week maybe to actually create but ended up being something I redrew different parts of multiple times.
I think part of the problem with this has been doing each section half individually and then trying to fit it on. I have gone through plans of how the final piece should look that I use as templates but it doesn’t seem to translate how I want it to in illustrator. For now here is a sort of layout containing final vectors that I made and need adding too.

Hasbro D&AD Board Game Design Brief

I have been developing ideas for the hasbro brief which is to create my own board game. The specifications for the board game are:

  • Young Adult Party Game
  • Edgy but not too controversial, no drinking games and not as offensive as cards against humanity.
  • A game you and your friends want to play but others as well (Isn’t this everyone brief?)
  • Unique, similar game play and rules are fine but needs to stand out.
  • Simple, 2 minutes to learn 30 minutes to play
  • Self Contained, no apps or screens needed.

Outcome for brief is

  • Presentation (Max. 90 seconds) showcasing idea with clear gameplay designs and launch concept ideas. This is how the game is judged, it won’t actually be played unless it is shortlisted
  • Playable prototype if idea allowed without much difficulty, alternatively a proof of concept video
  • Research and development highlights (max. 2 jpeg slides or video max. 30 seconds)

For ideas I have been looking at games I have played myself as party games that I enjoyed such as Funemployed, Spyfall and Cards against humanity. Each of these have gameplay that comes largely from player interaction, something that is core to party games. To generate ideas I spread my thoughts out to see what came up.


Idea Generation

Because party games are a social experience I initially tried thinking of activities and locations that are also social experiences but began to decide “Why would you play a board game when you could just meet with your friends there” Whilst I know some board games maybe use these themes it may not be for this target audience who want something they wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.
Social Media was my first promising idea in which players would be given a subject and have to play cards from their hand each being a most used phrase, hashtag or image used often in social media as a response. I started to go off this idea deciding that the links between subject and phrases in hand would be awkward to make. I think the idea does have potential but I could come up with better ones.
That’s nothing! was the latest idea I came up with. It is inspired by Monty Python’s Four Yorkshiremen sketch were four men converse about their humble beginnings then go on to outdo each other devolving the conversation into absurdity.
The idea of this game would be person plays a subject card and the other players play reaction card which help them explain why their subject is better or worse. A player gains a point when the person who played the subject decides that the topic hasn’t been one upped. The idea is to make a more and more ridiculous sounding item.

I will continue to flesh out these ideas and then come to the development of what I actually need to make.