Interpreting Nature: Progress

Since last time I have gone through a couple of different ways of texturing the vectors I have to make them look more natural, as is fitting of the brief. I did these tests using water colour masking layers and the scatter tool to add images over the top of them.


I also tried more extensive uses of only the pattern spray tool with no background vector to build up the shades through just masses of overlapping leaves. I made a couple of different shaped leaves to add variation. I then looked at applying different patterns into the vectors I had but it kind of looked a little unnatural without any further editing.


With some editing however you get the hints of individual leaves and a solid shape that won’t let a lot of the background through. This was made with pretty much all of the methods above. It was taken into photoshop and messed around with until I got this. It combines the random elements of the scatter tool, the cleanness of vectors and the texture¬†of water colour masks.


This is where the piece is now. I haven’t added any of the texture into this yet as I want to have all of the shapes in place before I spend time changing them. I still feel like there is a bit of a disconnect between the ground piece and the objects. Think maybe I need to add some mounds here and there and continue it down a little. It works as a good marker line for now.


I also mocked this up earlier on to see what it might look like with text. The idea would be for the root systems of the trees to wrap around the ‘rocks’ that the text would be made of. Obviously its position, size and font need more consideration.