Film Festival Poster

Here we have the ideas I chose for which I will base the design for my Latino Film Festival poster. Keywords for what is required in the design of the poster ranged from things revolving around Latino culture whilst also referring to film making itself. These two areas are what I figured sounded like the broadest and most important factors to fit into the poster. Other themes included the Baja-California Region and San Diego, the locations the film festival is being held. Early ideas involved digging up information on the venue and its appearance to see if I could incorporate the venue itself into the design.
The problem I began to have with this idea was that I still felt that Latino Culture and film making were bigger parts of what the image needed to be and so should be the main focus of the poster. Plus people may not associate as much with a poster based on a venue they might see every day, whereas a more abstract design might draw them in.


The first idea that I was fairly sure I was going to stick with was to have a camera man with his film reel pouring out of the camera reeling off (heh) information on the film festival. The posters colour scheme would be taken from Mexican blankets; brightly high contrast things that I thought would suit its purpose. The more I dwelt on the idea the more I thought the idea was a little too simple. Whilst the film reel added some flair I thought there were more interesting ways to explore the subjects I would be working with.

The last idea I had and decided to stick with involved finger framing (holding your fingers up to your eyes and capturing the scene you see through them) and replacing the eye in the center with either a camera lense or a film reel spool. I would then look into colour schemes of the Mexican blankets as was originally planned in the camera man image.

When it comes to picking between using a camera lense or a film reel spool I like the idea of the camera lense more because it looks more like an idea. This however brings in the problem of looking too much like an eye. It would depend on whether the subtlety ended up being a good or a bad thing. The film reel has a more obvious image and maybe a stronger effect but may look a bit weird being an eye. The reel is made up of many circles, similar to an actual eye, so if you do the reel wrong it kind of looks like you just drew an eye badly.

Practice on Eye with Film Reel
Rough Sketches for eyes with either lense or film reelsĀ 






Zeitgeist Leaflet Font Side Idea


I also found the top font image (Having difficulty finding the artist). I like the idea of building images into font and could do so relating to the images I put on the front of the leaflet. I would probably have Zeitgeist or Consumer Zeitgeist as the text so it fit in with my work.
The bottom image would be a good way to compile the images I wish to use as going in blind would likely have me run out of steam and damage the final product.

Graph Imagery For Zeitgeist Back Piece

These are some standard looking graphs that I was considering as the basis for the layout of my original idea. So the idea would be the imagery fit somehow into the shape of the graph and the image retains the original look of my own image with the the graph as an additional background.


This graph reminded me more of my work in that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is using the graph in a satirical way. I could do something similar with the sections being more focused on consumer zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist: Development/Evaluation of Final Piece

Zeitgeist leaflet is coming together. To finish it off I just need to rethink some of the text used on certain sections, think of what to put in on the back panel and create a large image for the other side of the leaflet.


Progress 1
Each of the square sections on the leaflet are designed separately and then put into the final leaflet composition when they are done though I have been going back and changing how things look. The first designs I did were the Data Mining and the app phone (Bottom right two). At this stage my design, in my head, was going to involve a much more limited colour palette with bold figures as seen in the data mining piece. I also imagined I may be doing more figures than I actually did. The background apps done for the phone was part of the reason I changed my mind for this. It was difficult to limit these colours without losing what I was trying to show as less colours blended into each other more losing the mass app look. When I did make it using a brighter, wider colour scheme I was a lot happier with it.
The junkyard of in the top left piece for throwing out hard copies was a further test into the wider colour range. Because this piece would be made of lots of smaller pieces I decided to bring the limited colour palette into each individual section of it, so each object is made up of shades of the same colour but the image as a whole is varied. This unifies individual objects within themselves whilst allowing them to stand out in the bigger picture.


Progress 2
A change I made here after deciding on the wider colour range was to make the background of the app piece a new colour that contrasted more with the image. It is lighter and paler, whereas the imagery within the phone has a bolder, solid look fitting for the ‘foreground’ image. The rest of the boxes were given similarly chosen colours that allowed the images to do more work on top of their backgrounds.
The data mining piece was changed from the dark bold colours to an orange/peach colours to bring it closer to the vibrancy of the rest of the piece. Again, whilst I thought the black silhouettes stood out, with there being less of this idea than I thought there would be in the piece having a large silhouette section in the bottom corner looked off to me.
Note: I hid the top left layer here by accident, the orange was a holding colour from earlier not a progress shot.


Progress 3
Big jump between screenshots here.
After doing some rough sketches as templates I managed to make progress on the three unfilled side squares. The roughs are really important for me or I notice I tend to sit around wishing my work would get done rather than actually doing it. The cloud storage and just eat ideas were actually fairly fresh ideas considering how late into the project this was that were really being held off because of not having the ideas solidified. The piracy ship was rethought due to the original rough again being more in line with the bold silhouette look, something I am starting to think is more a background or an all or nothing idea.


Colours for central squares were decided here. In the end with the colours of the squares I tried to compliment the designs within the squares rather than trying to make a nice looking pattern on the grid. This was because it would restrict what colours I could use on the designs themselves which on certain ones, especially the app one which had to use certain colours, didn’t work. This way works better, each image can work on its own and the composition as a whole links them fine enough.


Had a couple of suggestions from a friend of mine (thanks Michael) on additions I could make to a couple of images to improve them that I liked. One was the net on the piracy image pulling in the files so they weren’t just floating and obviously fits with the boat. The other was adding a monitor to the just eat piece to show ordering online and going straight to the consumer. Not only does this reinforce the point of the image but it also fills in the space on the left of that square quite nicely. Before the advice I thought I was fine with the image but it really helps.
I also decided to have a speech bubble in the center for the title piece. The piece is a leaflet commentating on consumerism so having it talk to a viewer made sense. It also looks nicer on a piece with only text to have variation in background behind it.


Finally began adding text. The font was one I looked at for the Personal Obsessions brief that works well with both called Mathlete. It has an informal look whilst still looking bold and clean enough to use in this leaflet. Helps set this as the tone I wanted.
On the note of tone, whilst I wanted to commentate on consumer zeitgeist I didn’t want just walls of text. The squares were image focused and designed to be this way. I wanted the contents of the text to add to this rather than explain in great detail what the images meant. This means that a lot of the next tends to be jokes or plays on words from which you can find the meaning of the images but the images already did the work themselves. More a companion than the focal point.

Zeitgeist: back page image



So these are rough early ideas I had for the actual leaflet as a whole from my sketchbook. The original subject matter I was using was a little different from what I ended up doing but looking back at these makes me think the shapes could be used as composition elements for the back piece, with more relevant imagery.

From these images my first thoughts to make images are a pile of consumer items, similar to the landfill section on the inside of the leaflet. Whilst this would mean I had two similar images, because the other landfill piece is in the first square I think it might lead onto it in a natural order quite nicely. Alternatively I could link consumerism with businesses and graphs ect. It is a similar shape and would add further relevant imagery to my work.

The Earth idea was something I considered placing in the bottom square where I ended up putting a quote. (May come back to the piece and make an alternative final piece to see how it looks) Using Earth as imagery allows you to say “I’m representing everything”, especially with our consumerism as its ideals are all contained to us humans on Earth.

Progress will be made!

Personal Obsessions: Fonts

I decided to look into doing the text page for each image now just so I don’t finish the images and make the font choice and layout a half-hearted thing.
For the font I wanted it to look playful and hand drawn. Unfortunately, for now, I’m not great at designing my own font so for this brief I am going to use a found one. The fonts I found are all free use, one I believe is free only for personal use.

Test Font List

From the list I like the style of Mathlete and Quirky Nots Font for their clean, hand drawn aesthetic. Out of the two I think I would choose Mathlete for being simpler. The flourishes on letters in Quirky Nots become a bit overbearing with this many letters.
Inky is still under consideration just because of how bold it is. it stands out on the page a little more than the other two so I may do some more work with that one. Rhyder looks too much like a typed font for the exaggerated over the top subject matter I will be using and Walk Around the Block, whilst I do quite like, is awkward to work with as it doesn’t take to scaling very well.

Around the edges of the circle/font I plan on having small images relating to the fonts page just to add extra interest.




Personal Obsessions: Angry Face Test Colours


First colour test and character style for my personal obsessions booklet. The final character is going to be an angry man slamming the wrong change back down onto a counter. It will be more detailed and have more shading and texture on the final product, these are just colour tests at an early stage

template screenshot.png

I’m working from a rough drawing template. This just makes it way easier to get the shapes I want and speeds work up. It also really makes you realise how uneven your quick drawn work can be.
The head in the piece is to be oversized compared to everything else and this sort of exaggeration of proportions is something I want to continue with the other pages.