Illustrated Map. Subject Changes and development.

The brief for the illustrated map stated that I should make an illustrated map for an area where I live or near where I live. It also stated I should consider if the map is readable and what its function is. 

My original piece was a more direct map of an area near where I live but I thought the idea was dull and un-creative. Because of this I changed my map to be based on a setting within a narrative I am working on from a different brief linking my work together. The map is still loosely based on an area near where I live with its road layout, place names and types of buildings depicted on it. The function of the map for someone looking at it would be to see a setting within a narrative, whilst the characters using it within a narrative would have a basic understanding of their surroundings. 

I thought this was a good balance with being creative, linking my work and sticking to the brief. 

‘Afterworld’ Illustrated Map

Afterworld map no text

Afterworld map liniar burn with text scroll on bottom

Afterworld map liniar burn with text scroll on top

The bottom image is what I am calling my finished illustrated map. The first is the two images I scanned in andd the second the text is above the parchment filter. I have been told it looks like it stands out two much from the background and distracts from it. To solve this I put it below the parchment filter layer whilst keeping the stoke effect. This means that the text still stands out because of the outline but isn’t blinding.