’10 Minute City Stories’ narrative ideas

  • A reverse class system- Show someone waking up and finding a world were it is normal to be homeless and jobless and all others are shunned and seen as strange. The character who has woken up walks through the streets witnessing this.
  • Everyone is Connected- Water shortage in town stopping firefighters from doing their job. A plumber manages to fix the problem and indirectly saves countless lives but doesn’t know it. Emphasis made on plumbers ignorance
  • Jam- A daughter asks her father to open a jar of Jam for her but he can’t. Goes through increasingly more bizarre methods to try and remove the lid. When it is finally removed it is revealed the jam is out of date 
  • Commute-  Done in a stylized way emphasizing each scene. At the end of the commute the person making it puts an x on the day of the calendar and then the shot zooms out showing several full calendar representing the same commute everyday.
  • Floor is made of Lava- A city believes they are all playing the floor is made of lava. Hilarity ensues.