Connected Words Font Experiments Yellow

found fonts yellow

These are custom comic book fonts I have found and experimented in colour and blending effects to get an idea of what my own title will look like. I think the bottom two are the most striking and from that think a more angular font will be the most fitting for my work 


Connected Words ‘Criminal Justice’ Title Font Research


The fonts used on the cover of the comics for the title seem so follow certain rules and vary depending on the titular character or the particular series. The above examples of ‘Action Comics’, ‘Detective Comics’ and ‘Amazing Fantasy’ all use particularly bold if slightly generic text as they helping illustrating the series rather than the character. Meanwhile the Superman comic title text is made to look like it is flying in from the side angled and colour in the same way as the character providing a clear link between them. 


‘Tales from the Crypt’ was looked at briefly in a previous post. Here the words in the title have been modeled around the spooky look you would associate with them; particular attention going into the word crypt. 


This is a better picture of a title being related to the character of the comic. The title ‘Wolverine’ is done in text which is spiked and sharp, relating to the characters claws and hair. 

A final thing to note about cover fonts is that the size of the letters tends to be considered on an individual word basis, with the most important one being larger. Different fonts are also used throughout some titles and some thought needs to go into to choosing an effective one.