Connected Words ‘Criminal Justice’ Pulp Comic research

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I found these old pulp comic books online to use as a possible basis for my parody should I decide to use that idea. While the main piece of my work will be my own artwork I need to consider the layout and what a good looking cover would look like so here I will note features each one has.

  • Coloured banner with title of comic or series
  • Font suitable to the genre of the comic
  • Price, date, company ect. (in my case this would simply add authenticity)
  • Picture illustrating main story
  • Inset pictures depicting other characters.

Connected Words Brief ‘Criminal Justice’ notes

criminal def

justice def

These are notes for two of the connected words in the current brief. What I did here is based off an exercise we did in class and helps to get quick ideas down to develop what I will make. 

From these notes I have come up with the following ideas: 

  • Show a criminal taking shelter behind a line of riot police who are having to beat a mob trying to harm him
  • Similar to first idea except the mob is beating the criminal and the police are turning a blind eye
  • Family being broken apart because one of them committed a crime and is being imprisoned.
  • Make a parody of vigilante heroes making them based on ordinary jobs and lay out the piece like old fashioned comic books.

The last idea is my favourite but I feel it deviates away from the ‘Criminal Justice’ phrase. Others that may fit it are Beneficial transformation, Erratic transformation and Ambitious transformation though all of these lack the justice part which may be needed.